Discover Robland’s Planers


Rooted in the legacy of our first combined machine, the groundbreaking K21, our planers are a testament to our evolution and specialization. Unlike their multifunctional counterparts, these specific machines concentrate on a singular operation, allowing them to achieve unparalleled results.


Our planers are divided in two categories, the professional S-series and the entry level KS-series.


  • Our cast iron tables have a honeycomb structure for the highest
    strength per weight ratio. The surface is scraped. This technique
    with low energy dissipation guarantees a very flat surface. Micro-grooves are applied for easy gliding of the wooden work piece on
    the cast iron table
  • On the S410 and S510
    • The large and sturdy aluminium planer fence can be tilted to
      any angle between 45° and 90°
  • Faster workflow than a planer-thicknesser because the machine does not have to be converted between operations.

Choosing The Right Planer

S-series: High End Precision

  • Geared towards professionals and seasoned woodworkers who don’t want to comprise on quality.
  • Higher quality, precision and productivity than SD-series.
  • Ideal for heavy duty woodworking projects.
  • Represents our best Planer.

KS-Series: Entry level

  • Designed for those stepping into the world of woodworking.
  • Compact and efficient, ideal for essential tasks.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Perfect for hobbyists and beginners.


Both series extends from our K21 foundation, providing woodworkingmachines of quality and reliability at an unparalleled price. However, in this dynamic world, we strive to offer our customers even more. This led us to introduce the following additional values.


  • We ensure the shortest delivery time, regardless of the machine or options chosen.
  • Our engineering department rapidly develops new machines and options based on our customers’ needs.
  • We deliver spare parts within 24 hours.


  • Our machines are intuitively operatable using symbols and familiar solutions.
  • Our after-sales service provides easily accessible information about the machine.


  • We manufacture our machines in Belgium, significantly reducing our logistical chain.
  • Our machines receive continuous support even 25 years after the production date.
  • We utilize 3D-printed parts based on biodegradable materials.


Choosing the right Robland machine is a pivotal decision in your woodworking journey.  Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned woodworker, Robland’s diverse range ensures there’s a perfect machine to elevate your woodworking experience. We would love to help u with this decision, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!