Panel saws (large format)

For 28 years, Robland has built solid, high-quality and highly reliable, yet affordable panel saws. With more than 50,000 machines sold worldwide, the legendary Z3200 Series has built Robland’s reputation. The recently introduced Z300, Z400 and Z500 series aim to improve this even further.

For panel saws with a maximum saw diameter of 315 mm, the scoring unit is optional and a 355 mm wide carriage is mounted.

As from a maximum saw diameter of 400 mm or more, the carriage is 420 mm wide. On these machines the motorized scorer is standard on CZ, FZ and Z Series models. Only with the modular M500 Series the scoring unit remains optional even with a 500 mm saw blade.

The CZ300 II and FZ series are our entry level offerings. Already at this price, Robland’s exclusive Balls on Steel system (BOSS) is standard, ensuring smooth operation for more than a decade.

The Z-series offers you four different versions: manual (M), electric height and tilt of the saw blade (EL), a numerically controlled parallel fence (X1) or a 3-axis controlled machine (X3) to be combined with a wide selection of trimming tables, options and accessories. The saw aggregate made of cast iron for natural absorption of vibrations offers superior stability and precision.

There surely is a machine that suits both your requirements and your budget. Read more by clicking on one of the images below.

All Robland panel saws are being developed and manufactured in our factory located in Bruges, Belgium. As we also manufacture over 85% of our parts, spare parts are still available decades after the product launch. With well over a thousand panel saws produced each year we can proudly state that we are one of the major European panel saw manufacturers.



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FZ300 Series

Z400 Series

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