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For almost three decades, Robland has been a pioneer in crafting robust, high-quality, and affordable panel saws. With over 50,000 machines sold worldwide, the iconic Z3200 series has firmly established Robland’s reputation. The subsequent FZ300, Z400, and Z500 series are the result of continuous improvement in consultation with our customers. They unite Speed, Simplicity, and Sustainability with the renowned reliability and quality of Robland.

Choosing The Right Panel Saw

To cater to a diverse audience, our panel saws are categorized into three series.

Robland Z500 Series

An indisputable choice for experienced workshops aiming for the highest level of precision and comfort. Surpassing expectations as the largest machine in our range, the Z500 is designed to handle everything. It combines the precision of a Z400 with increased comfort, featuring luxurious elements like our deluxe crosscut table and the widest sliding table on the market. With the option of controlling three different axes and various safety features, the Z500 represents an investment in versatility, durability, and the highest craftsmanship standards.

Robland Z400 Series

Designed with an unwavering focus on quality, the Z400 is the go-to centerpiece for professional workshops. Its cast iron saw aggregate ensures maximum stability, minimizing vibrations for unparalleled precision. Boasting the largest sliding table in the market, it provides ample workspace versatility. With the possibility to have up to three computer controlled axes the Z400 is the ultimate workhorse for every workshop.

Robland FZ300 Series

Designed for users prioritizing cost, the Z300 is smaller has fewer options. By using diferent solutions, like our welded steel saw aggregate, we were able to make a very affordable yet reliable machine.


Each of the three series extends from the Z3200 foundation, providing a panel saw of quality and reliability at an unparalleled price. However, in this dynamic world, we strive to offer our customers more. This led us to introduce the following additional values.


  • We ensure the shortest delivery time, regardless of the machine or options chosen.
  • Our engineering department rapidly develops new machines and options based on our customers’ needs.
  • We deliver spare parts within 24 hours.


  • Our machines are intuitively operatable through the use of symbols and familiar solutions.
  • Our after-sales service provides easily accessible information about the machine.


  • We manufacture our machines in Belgium, significantly reducing our logistical chain.
  • Our machines receive continuous support even 25 years after the production date.
  • We utilize 3D-printed parts based on biodegradable materials.

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