Small Combined Machines (2-3 operations)

Discover Robland’s Small Combined Machines


Our small combined machines story began with the groundbreaking K21, our first combined machine that marked the starting point of our woodworking journey. At its pinnacle, we manufactured 20 of these machines each day, setting the stage for a legacy defined by precision, efficiency, and unwavering commitment to quality.

Maximizing space efficiency

Even half a century ago, our customers recognized the significance of maximizing space efficiency. In today’s world, this is probably even more important. For those who prioritize space efficiency over quality and workflow, our small combination machines remain the best.


Our lineup of combination machines is divided by their operational capacities into two main categories: the robust large combination machines with 4 to 6 operations and their more compact counterparts which combine 2 to 3 operations. Within those ranges, we’ve also created three different categories to cater to a diverse audience. Our high end NLX, the mid-range NX and the entry level HX.

We have two types of our small combination machines. The first is the TZ which combines sawing with milling and optional tenoning. The second is the SD which combines surface planing with thicknessing and the optional mortiser.

Ease of change over 

After half e century of development our modern combined machines are designed to make the change over from one operation to the next both easy and fast.

Choosing The Right Small Combined Machine

  1. NLX Series: High-End Precision

    • Geared towards professionals and seasoned woodworkers who don’t want to comprise on quality.
    • Boasts our most powerful motors, precision features, and additional options.
    • Ideal for all woodworking projects.
    • Represents the pinnacle of performance in the Robland combined machines lineup.
  2. NX Series: Mid-Range Flexibility

    • Strikes a balance between advanced features and accessibility with a lot of possible customization.
    • Suitable for woodworking professionals seeking a good machine at a great price.
    • Provides a mid-range solution for varied project demands.
  3. HX Series: Entry-Level Efficiency

    • Designed for those stepping into the world of woodworking.
    • Compact and efficient, ideal for essential tasks.
    • Budget-friendly.
    • Perfect for hobbyists and beginners.


Each of the three series extends from the Z3200 foundation, providing a panel saw of quality and reliability at an unparalleled price. However, in this dynamic world, we strive to offer our customers more. This led us to introduce the following additional values.


  • We ensure the shortest delivery time, regardless of the machine or options chosen.
  • Our engineering department rapidly develops new machines and options based on our customers’ needs.
  • We deliver spare parts within 24 hours.


  • Our machines are intuitively operatable using symbols and familiar solutions.
  • Our after-sales service provides easily accessible information about the machine.


  • We manufacture our machines in Belgium, significantly reducing our logistical chain.
  • Our machines receive continuous support even 25 years after the production date.
  • We utilize 3D-printed parts based on biodegradable materials.


Choosing the right Robland combination machine is a pivotal decision in your woodworking journey.  Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned woodworker, Robland’s diverse range ensures there’s a perfect combination machine to elevate your woodworking experience. We would love to help u with this decision, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!


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